Chino Mandarín Parte 2 Oct/Nov 2020

$ 195.00

I Detalles I

Sesión: Octubre 2020

Fecha:  Lunes, 26 de octubre al 23 de noviembre de 2020 ( lunes y miércoles)  

Horario:  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Horas contacto: 24 (2.4 CEUs) 

Requisito: Dominio del Idioma Inglés


Descripción I

In the Chinese Mandarin course, the students will study the below Chinese knowledge (Lesson 2-5):

  1. vocabulary (related to family, studying, birthday, and direction. etc.)
  2. Chinese grammar.
  3. Basic Listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  4. Conversations for daily life.
  5. Study how to write Chinese characters on the paper sheets.
  6. Study some of the Chinese holidays and cultures.

The course mostly is emphasized everyday English, conducting conversations and dialogues, practicing pronunciation, acquiring greater fluency in the Chinese Mandarin through short oral presentations. 

NOTA: Curso se ofrece sujeto a matrícula mínima y disponibilidad del(a) Profesor(a). 

Modalidad I


Este curso se ofrecerá de forma video-presencial (videoconferencia en vivo) por medio de la plataforma Zoom. Le compartiremos un enlace a su correo electrónico mediante el cual podrá acceder al curso en el día y horario previamente indicado.  Es importante que ingrese su email y número de teléfono al realizar su matrícula, ya que le contactaremos por estos medios para apoyo técnico. 

En este video podrá conocer cómo conectarse a nuestros cursos por medio de la plataforma Zoom en su dispositivo móvil. 


I Professor I

Xueyin  Chen

In the US:

I am a Mandarin professor at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón since August 2019. I have a good Mandarin teaching experience. I have worked for ChoiceTrade for three years. I am a translator from Mandarin to English in the US company. I have excellent working experience in translation and customer service.

In China:

Fifteen years of experience in the advertising industry. Expertise includes planning and implementing the meeting of investment conferences and client terminal; Branding promotion strategy, Media planning, execution, and TV ads scheduled; develop and implement corporate strategic plans and policies and shape the corporate culture, company’s human resources strategy, and performance appraisal system. Excellence in leading teams/managing projects and teamwork; recognized for my ability to lead and complete projects on time.

  • UNIVERSIDAD DEL SAGRADO CORAZON Mandarin Professor – 8/2019 – present
  • Responsible for making all courseware and lesson plans
  •  Got the certification of Jenzabar eLearning.